Make a Difference in Your Life with a Closet Makeover!

Kathy Closet Makeover by Nancy Korbet

Kathy Closet Makeover by Nancy Korbet

“You have made such a difference in my life.  The closet is so fresh and clean, I just love it!  I can dress comfy and classy. I’m so proud’’.    (Emailed to me a week after my client’s makeover)

My client’s life is filled with all the fun things she didn’t have time for when she was working full time. She wanted her closet to be simple and easy to use, her wardrobe casual, yet sophisticated.

Many of us start a new year with the promise of being healthier by making better food choices and time to exercise. A huge part of being ‘’healthy’’ includes your mental health. Starting every day opening the door to a disorganized closet:

  1. Makes you feel like a failure for not getting organized LAST YEAR (after all, it WAS on the list).
  2. Creates a feeling of being overwhelmed as you spend 20 minutes (or more) trying to find something to wear, while leaving a pile of discarded clothes on the bed or closet floor.

So whether you hire a professional or do it yourself, organize your closet for happy, healthy mornings!

Here are a few tips that will make a big difference:

  • Closet Makover Hangers HANGERS are a huge part of creating calm in a chaotic closet. They save space, clothes don’t slip off and visually your closet will feel in order. If you only have time to do one thing, purchase these!



  • Kathy Closet Makover by Nancy KorbetSHOE ORGANIZERS are tricky. The canvas hanging organizer (in the photo) takes up too much room and you can’t see what you have.  I love this oneyou can easily see and get to your shoes. If you don’t have a door, I am a big fan of just putting your shoes on a shelf or stacked in clear shoe boxes.



  • Eslinger closet makeover -afterCLOSET ORGANIZING SYSTEMS are fairly easy to install, are space saving and depending on which ones you choose, quite flexible. My client already had the Elfa Shelving System  (30% off sale thru 2/15/16). I re-positioned the existing shelves and bars for her current needs. I even gave her a small hanging space for her nightgowns and robes, so she could easily access them.


Be kind to yourself in 2016! There is no shame in being disorganized, most everyone I know (including myself) has a drawer, closet, room, house or garage that needs a bit of tidying. Organizing  your space will make your life easier and your mental health better, I encourage you to make it happen!

Fashion Office Makover

Whether it’s your home office or your office away from home; time flies when you’re busy. Then, one day you look up and think OMG what happened here!

My client owns successful fashion boutiques in San Francisco and Los Angeles and she does it all. Her corporate office (which she shares with her buyer) is a work space, creative space and store room. The old layout wasn’t working, so we took a fresh look, reversed the floor plan and voile’!

Fashion Office Makeover

By flipping the room, we created distinct zones that didn’t overlap. I specifically wanted the work/creative zone (shown above) near the window in order to get maximum natural light and fresh air!

The investment was minimal. We used the existing furniture, found the couch on craigslist ($100), purchased two chrome wire shelving units and a few more storage bins.

If you have a space that has gotten out of control or just isn’t working, open yourself up and see the room in a different way, don’t be afraid to move the furniture, shift the energy and create some magic!

Fashion Storage Room Makeover


Fashion Tip- 25 Ways to Tie a Scarf

I LOVE a fabulous scarf!  It’s my accessory go-to, it’s the color in my wardrobe; it’s my happy place!  So when my wardrobe clients say to me, “I have all these scarfs, but I don’t know how to wear them’’ I know it’s an easy fix. Here is a  fun and creative tutorial!  Start by choosing a few looks you like, learn how to do those then add more! Thank you Wendy Nguyen.





Re-organizing a bookshelf from chaos to harmony

”Find something your passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it” – Julia Child

Katherine is passionate about cooking for family and friends and loves her cookbook collection! But after years of collecting, she had outgrown her built-in book case. She felt overwhelmed every time she looked at the over-stuffed shelves and guilty at the thought of buying another cookbook; she was ready for a change. We eliminated her guilt, by creating a beautiful and organized bookcase with a little more room to grow. She happily reports she can find everything easily and has her eye on an intersting new book find!

Katherine's bookcase reorg by Nancy Korbet


Katherine's bookshelf reorg after by Nancy Korbet


Five simple steps to create a beautiful bookcase in any room:

  1. Look at every single book and see if is still relevant to your current life. Is it useful? Does it make you happy? If the answer is Yes, it stays, if the answer is No, it goes!
  2. Remove everything from the shelves and make categorized piles. (ie: Italian, French, fiction, non-fiction, travel…etc.)
  3.  Place books back on the shelves by categories and in different directions, not all vertical.
  4.  Use attractive baskets or boxes to store unattractive or odd shaped items. (We used baskets from Target to hide well-loved spiral bound cookbooks).
  5.   Add a few objects to create visually interesting displays and make sure to leave empty space in the shelves. Odd number of items are best when creating displays.

    Katherine's bookcase reorg by Nancy Korbet

    Mix it up with interesting art pieces and pottery


Office Space Reorg

Create a more organized and functional office space, had been on my client’s to-do list for months and like most entrepreneurs, her list is never ending.

We are all guilty at times of pushing an organizing task to the bottom of the list. It just seems too overwhelming when other pressing things arise.  But actually, if we do make the time, our lives can be transformed…or at the very least, a lot easier! J

My client owns a fitness studio that has been expanding ever since she opened four years ago.  The small office space worked fine in the beginning, but as they grew, the office wasn’t modified to grow with them.  It needed to be functional for the staff and presentable to meet with clients.

Fitness  Studio Reorg before by Nancy Korbet


Created a floor plan with 3 mini zones

  • Staff Zone – personal storage bins, equipment and fitness tools used by staff, backpack rack
  • Product Zone – products for sale, new client bags, storage for logo t-shirts and water bottles
  • Office Zone – file cabinet, printer, desk and office supplies.
    Fitness Studio Reorg after by Nancy Korbet


    Fitness Studio Reorg  Staff Zone by Nancy Korbet




Fintess Studio Backpack Organization by Nancy KorbetThe backpack storage idea was the most fun to come up with! I used the Rubbermaid Fast Track Garage Organization System.

Purchased two 84’’ hang rails and six cooler hooks from Home Depot . The system has several elements and could easily work for organizing all sorts of things in your home-office, kids bedroom, kitchen, or mudroom. Get creative and let me know what you come up with!


Talking with The Lily Honey Life

The Lily Honey Life

Thanks Yennie for inviting me to chat with you on The Lily Honey Life  about the excitement and challenges of being an entrepreneur!

Our career leads us down many paths, but often we can get a little lost along the way. If you’re job hunting, want to create a new career path,happy where you are but need a little strategy and inspiration, check out The Lily Honey Life website!   Make sure you click on Stuff Sophie Says , she is one insightful dog! 🙂


Simple Ways to Repurpose a Bedroom

Transforming an underused room into a VERY used room is easier than you might think! We did a complete room makeover for my client Kathy by turning her spare bedroom into a creative studio.

Kathy had just retired and was looking forward to entertaining more and diving into the creative projects she never had the time to do. She is a lover of beautiful fabrics, rich colors, and unique beads and stones for jewelry making. She is a creative spirit at heart and I wanted to give her a space to call her own where she could flourish!

Bedroom Makeover by Nancy Korbet

Here are the key steps we took to turn her unused bedroom into a room she loves and uses every day!

Added an anchor piece.

The first order of business was to bring in a good work table.  The Ikea GALANT is sturdy and large enough to have a couple projects going on at once! We chose a white table top and simple chrome legs so the large table wouldn’t feel big in the room.

IKEA Table for Craft Room

Reorganized the closet.

Elfa Organizer for Craft ClosetInside the closet was an existing Elfa system. We kept the draws, removed the hanging bars, added a few Elfa components, which created a functional craft closet with easy access.  The Elfa utility boards are a great solution for organizing all your bits and pieces.

Anything Kathy needs for sewing, crafting or wrapping a beautiful gift lives in this easy access closet (even her sewing machine, when not in use)! We finished it with soft linen curtains, which Kathy already had on hand. Close them completely and the room is peaceful.

More specifics on what we did to the closet on another post coming up! 

Created extra storage.

What to do with a not so attractive brown vertical bookcase?  Lay it sideways; drill a few new holes, screw in shelves to fit, and voile’!  A new horizontal shelving piece. Perfect for storing treasures and supplies.

Updated furniture with chalk paint.

We gave worn and loved furniture pieces a makeover with a quick coat of grey paint. By using only one chalk paint color we were able to unify the eclectic pieces. Now, the light wood desk, the shelving unit and the small round side table (a sentimental piece made by Kathy’s father-in-law), flow peacefully in the room.

Chalk Painted Bookcase for Craft Room

Kathy originally booked an appointment with me to consult about doing a home makeover. Specifically, how to improve the layout of her family room and how to make her formal living and dining rooms more inviting and not quite so formal.

She showed me two spare bedrooms one seemed to be a catch-all.  As we walked down the hall, Kathy opened a closet, packed to the ceiling with partially done and waiting to get started projects.  I saw a craft closet and no place to craft!

I knew immediately our first priority should be to create a studio space that Kathy could call her own. Could we turn one of the bedrooms into Kathy’s creative studio?  Yes! She was thrilled at the prospect! We would address the other parts of house once the studio was completed.

Due to our change of focus and Kathy’s husband who was quick to remove all the unwanted items out of the bedroom, I did not get any before photos.  But then again, if you have an unused room, you already know what that looks like!  Turn your underused room into a space that makes you happy!

Kid’s Closet Makeover

Eight year old Michele LOVES clothes, the color pink, ballet, gymnastics, soccer and hanging out with her friends. She DOES NOT like to pick up her room!  What kid does?

After a year of trying to keep her clothes organized with quick-fix closet shelving and extra dressers, Michele’s Mom, Charlotte, decided it was time for a complete closet re-org.

Michele's Closet Makeover by Nancy Korbet

Michele’s Closet Before & After

Charlotte and I talked about Michele’s wardrobe, her activities and what type of storage systems would work best. With a plan in hand, I put her closet makeover into action:

  • Got rid of both dressers. This created more floor space in the room, giving a much more open feel.
  • Replaced the dark bi-fold closet doors with white standard swinging doors. Gained an extra 2 feet of usable closet space and brigtened up the room.
  • Designed an Elfa System from The Container Store to maximize the use of the entire height and width of the closet.  Added much needed drawer/shelving space and mimized hanging space based on Michele’s type of warobe items and storage needs.
  • Labeled the mesh drawers. An easy and fun way to help Michele quickly know where everything goes.

Tip: We did this project during the Elfa Sale, which was a great savings. Typically the sales are Jan/Feb and Sept/Oct.

Closet Re-Org with Elfa Drawers by Nancy Korbet

Elfa closet drawers with label holders

I printed these fun colorful labels!  A great inexpensive way to bring a little creativity into the closet and they are super versatile. You can easily change them out whenever something in your closet needs a switch up!

Kid's Closet Makeover with  Elfa Display Rod

Retractable display rod…so fun!

Michele uses the closet display rod to hang up what she might like to wear the next day.  Her Mom has been known to use the rod to ‘’suggest’’ a dress or outfit as well!

Months after the installation, Michlele is keeping her closet organized, making it easy to keep her bedroom tidy. The re-org makes Charlotte happy and as they say,   “A happy Mom is a happy house’’! 🙂

4 Ways to Create a Calm & Organized Closet

If get organized is one of your new year’s resolutions, there is no better place to start than with your closet.  My client, Kathleen, got a jump on 2015 by having me organize her closet at the end of last year. Great idea!

Closet reorg by Nancy Korbet


closet reorg by Nancy Korbet


Her closet is large, which is a blessing and a curse.  Blessing, for the obvious reasons, curse because there is so much room it can easily become a catch-all place.  Bit by bit, she tossed clothes and accessories wherever there was a clear space in the closet, closed the door and voila’, the clutter disappeared. That is until she had to get dressed.

Every time Kathleen entered her chaotic closet she felt stressed and her negative head chatter began, “OMG, how did I let this get so out of hand.’’ followed by ‘’I REALLY have to get organized but I have no time.’’ and ‘’ I can’t find anything, I’m going to be LATE!!”  This is clearly not a calm way to start or end the day.

No matter your closet size, you can turn it into a chaos-free and well organized space.  If the task of weeding out and letting go of certain wardrobe items is too daunting right now, take it slow.  Simply start with these 4 steps I used to create calm and order in Kathleen’s closet:

  1. Organize all items by category.  Hang or fold like pieces together. Then, organize categories (pants, shirts, dresses, etc.) by sleeve or hem length. This instantly creates order in your closet allowing you to find things quickly.
  2. Make shoes visible and easy to reach.  Kathleen had plenty of open shelves in her closet so I was able to create a shoe section.  If you don’t have that kind of space use stackable, clear plastic shoe containers with lids. Make sure to label each box on the outside for quick reference.
  3. Use just one type of hanger.  I like using thin, durable hangers in one neutral color.  They are great for saving space. And, it’s amazing how hangers in one color make the closet appear less cluttered. One of my favorites: Huggable Hangers in White at Target.
  4. Mount a hook for temporary storage.  For those days when you just need to toss and run, use a hook or two in your closet to hang your clothes. It’s a handy, short term solution until you can return your items to their hangers.

When I finished Kathleen’s closet reorg she said, My closet makeover not only cleared my physical space, it also cleared space in my head…it’s amazing!”

By organizing her closet, Kathleen saves time every day. Whether she is heading out the door to walk her dog or packing for a business trip to Japan, she knows what she has without spending hours trying to figure out where it is!