”What can I say?  I love my job, I love what I do, I love the people I work with, and I dreaded walking into my office. You changed all that. Thank you!! Part of the wonder of it is that you changed it so it really works for us in a way that is sustainable :).  We are a small business. Our space is small. Maybe someday we’ll decide that we want a larger office, but it feels like you found us at least another 10 square feet, we have a yoga studio/dance floor where there was once just a cluttered and overwhelming mess! Oh joy!  Thank you for making it manageable to maintain!  Yes it takes a few minutes to maintain some dates. But we are motivated to spend that time because the energy that you uncovered is so refreshing!” -SB, San Francisco


After spending a full eight hours with Nancy my closest has never been so orderly.  Nancy’s services are so much more than just organizing your closet.  She had me try everything on and gave me advice on what worked well with my figure and what pieces should be worn together.  She also made a list of items that were lacking in my wardrobe.  Most importantly after a full day of Nancy’s peaceful energy and gentle coaching my soul felt cleansed and my life felt in order.  I would highly recommend Nancy’s services!” — Lisa V., El Granada


Nancy is one of those rare individuals who has the ability to shift your perceptions of yourself with compassion, insight and humor.  Not only does she provide a framework for enhancing how you present yourself to the world, but she strengthens your innate qualities of inner beauty. I came away from my closet makeover feeling renewed and rejuvenated.” — Nan R., Santa Fe


Nancy Korbet is magical.  I hired her to improve the way I merchandise my product line, By the Grace of Tea.  Before I knew it she helped me enhance the look of my brand in ways I couldn’t have imagined!  She is incredibly creative yet practical, which I think is a rare combination.  And, the amazing part is that we did this all via Skype!” — Ann R., Dallas


I am so grateful for how you came in, and in 2 cheerful, funny and uplifting hours, transformed my life amid the interminable rubble of construction.  You moved things around, organized and created order, beauty and calm in my cramped bedroom.  I thought I was going to have to live in a messy maelstrom, a hellhole I would have to put up with for 3 months. Inside, I had an oasis to retreat to for the duration of the re-model. Thank you so much.” — Liv, Moss Beach


I know I am in good hands when Nancy is working with me in making my home more beautiful and organized.  She inspired the idea of turning my spare bedroom into a studio; my very own space where I can create, read, write or just rest. Being involved in the transformation process was sheer delight! And best of all, Nancy re-purposed my closet, which was filled with unused crafts, junk, etc., into a well organized space of craft supplies and art tools. I love to go into that room now for so many reasons.  It is just beautiful and could not have happened without Nancy’s guidance and creativity.” — Kathy E., Moss Beach


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