Fashion Office Makover

Whether it’s your home office or your office away from home; time flies when you’re busy. Then, one day you look up and think OMG what happened here!

My client owns successful fashion boutiques in San Francisco and Los Angeles and she does it all. Her corporate office (which she shares with her buyer) is a work space, creative space and store room. The old layout wasn’t working, so we took a fresh look, reversed the floor plan and voile’!

Fashion Office Makeover

By flipping the room, we created distinct zones that didn’t overlap. I specifically wanted the work/creative zone (shown above) near the window in order to get maximum natural light and fresh air!

The investment was minimal. We used the existing furniture, found the couch on craigslist ($100), purchased two chrome wire shelving units and a few more storage bins.

If you have a space that has gotten out of control or just isn’t working, open yourself up and see the room in a different way, don’t be afraid to move the furniture, shift the energy and create some magic!

Fashion Storage Room Makeover


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