Make a Difference in Your Life with a Closet Makeover!

Kathy Closet Makeover by Nancy Korbet

Kathy Closet Makeover by Nancy Korbet

“You have made such a difference in my life.  The closet is so fresh and clean, I just love it!  I can dress comfy and classy. I’m so proud’’.    (Emailed to me a week after my client’s makeover)

My client’s life is filled with all the fun things she didn’t have time for when she was working full time. She wanted her closet to be simple and easy to use, her wardrobe casual, yet sophisticated.

Many of us start a new year with the promise of being healthier by making better food choices and time to exercise. A huge part of being ‘’healthy’’ includes your mental health. Starting every day opening the door to a disorganized closet:

  1. Makes you feel like a failure for not getting organized LAST YEAR (after all, it WAS on the list).
  2. Creates a feeling of being overwhelmed as you spend 20 minutes (or more) trying to find something to wear, while leaving a pile of discarded clothes on the bed or closet floor.

So whether you hire a professional or do it yourself, organize your closet for happy, healthy mornings!

Here are a few tips that will make a big difference:

  • Closet Makover Hangers HANGERS are a huge part of creating calm in a chaotic closet. They save space, clothes don’t slip off and visually your closet will feel in order. If you only have time to do one thing, purchase these!



  • Kathy Closet Makover by Nancy KorbetSHOE ORGANIZERS are tricky. The canvas hanging organizer (in the photo) takes up too much room and you can’t see what you have.  I love this oneyou can easily see and get to your shoes. If you don’t have a door, I am a big fan of just putting your shoes on a shelf or stacked in clear shoe boxes.



  • Eslinger closet makeover -afterCLOSET ORGANIZING SYSTEMS are fairly easy to install, are space saving and depending on which ones you choose, quite flexible. My client already had the Elfa Shelving System  (30% off sale thru 2/15/16). I re-positioned the existing shelves and bars for her current needs. I even gave her a small hanging space for her nightgowns and robes, so she could easily access them.


Be kind to yourself in 2016! There is no shame in being disorganized, most everyone I know (including myself) has a drawer, closet, room, house or garage that needs a bit of tidying. Organizing  your space will make your life easier and your mental health better, I encourage you to make it happen!

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