Kid’s Closet Makeover

Eight year old Michele LOVES clothes, the color pink, ballet, gymnastics, soccer and hanging out with her friends. She DOES NOT like to pick up her room!  What kid does?

After a year of trying to keep her clothes organized with quick-fix closet shelving and extra dressers, Michele’s Mom, Charlotte, decided it was time for a complete closet re-org.

Michele's Closet Makeover by Nancy Korbet

Michele’s Closet Before & After

Charlotte and I talked about Michele’s wardrobe, her activities and what type of storage systems would work best. With a plan in hand, I put her closet makeover into action:

  • Got rid of both dressers. This created more floor space in the room, giving a much more open feel.
  • Replaced the dark bi-fold closet doors with white standard swinging doors. Gained an extra 2 feet of usable closet space and brigtened up the room.
  • Designed an Elfa System from The Container Store to maximize the use of the entire height and width of the closet.  Added much needed drawer/shelving space and mimized hanging space based on Michele’s type of warobe items and storage needs.
  • Labeled the mesh drawers. An easy and fun way to help Michele quickly know where everything goes.

Tip: We did this project during the Elfa Sale, which was a great savings. Typically the sales are Jan/Feb and Sept/Oct.

Closet Re-Org with Elfa Drawers by Nancy Korbet

Elfa closet drawers with label holders

I printed these fun colorful labels!  A great inexpensive way to bring a little creativity into the closet and they are super versatile. You can easily change them out whenever something in your closet needs a switch up!

Kid's Closet Makeover with  Elfa Display Rod

Retractable display rod…so fun!

Michele uses the closet display rod to hang up what she might like to wear the next day.  Her Mom has been known to use the rod to ‘’suggest’’ a dress or outfit as well!

Months after the installation, Michlele is keeping her closet organized, making it easy to keep her bedroom tidy. The re-org makes Charlotte happy and as they say,   “A happy Mom is a happy house’’! 🙂

  2 comments for “Kid’s Closet Makeover

  1. Vicki
    February 5, 2015 at 12:06 am

    Very, very cool!!!


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