Moving Preparation & UnPacking

The more organized you are ahead of time the easier the move.

Moving can present the organizational challenge of a lifetime! It is stressful and sometimes you just need an extra hand. It’s the perfect time to purge and get rid of old things you don’t need any more. This alone reduces stress and makes moving easier since you’ll have less to move and unpack.

Organize and prepare, because every habit, routine, and piece of your life is tossed into a moving van and then reassembled at the other end. So why not keep this move simple and reduce your angst when the van arrives. So whether you need help before, after, or both, grab my hand and lets do this!

Before your move I help you:

  • Purge and organize closets, cabinets, bookcases or entire rooms.
  • Create a helpful ‘’to do’’ list for things you can manage on your own.
  • Create a labeling system so you know where it goes on the other end.

After your move I’m there to:

  • Space plan the best fit and flow for your furniture in your new home
  • Unpack and organize closets, cabinets, bookcases or entire rooms

Who wants a stress-free move?  To get started, email me which part of your move you need help with and I promise you will begin to breathe easier!

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