4 Ways to Create a Calm & Organized Closet

If get organized is one of your new year’s resolutions, there is no better place to start than with your closet.  My client, Kathleen, got a jump on 2015 by having me organize her closet at the end of last year. Great idea!

Closet reorg by Nancy Korbet


closet reorg by Nancy Korbet


Her closet is large, which is a blessing and a curse.  Blessing, for the obvious reasons, curse because there is so much room it can easily become a catch-all place.  Bit by bit, she tossed clothes and accessories wherever there was a clear space in the closet, closed the door and voila’, the clutter disappeared. That is until she had to get dressed.

Every time Kathleen entered her chaotic closet she felt stressed and her negative head chatter began, “OMG, how did I let this get so out of hand.’’ followed by ‘’I REALLY have to get organized but I have no time.’’ and ‘’ I can’t find anything, I’m going to be LATE!!”  This is clearly not a calm way to start or end the day.

No matter your closet size, you can turn it into a chaos-free and well organized space.  If the task of weeding out and letting go of certain wardrobe items is too daunting right now, take it slow.  Simply start with these 4 steps I used to create calm and order in Kathleen’s closet:

  1. Organize all items by category.  Hang or fold like pieces together. Then, organize categories (pants, shirts, dresses, etc.) by sleeve or hem length. This instantly creates order in your closet allowing you to find things quickly.
  2. Make shoes visible and easy to reach.  Kathleen had plenty of open shelves in her closet so I was able to create a shoe section.  If you don’t have that kind of space use stackable, clear plastic shoe containers with lids. Make sure to label each box on the outside for quick reference.
  3. Use just one type of hanger.  I like using thin, durable hangers in one neutral color.  They are great for saving space. And, it’s amazing how hangers in one color make the closet appear less cluttered. One of my favorites: Huggable Hangers in White at Target.
  4. Mount a hook for temporary storage.  For those days when you just need to toss and run, use a hook or two in your closet to hang your clothes. It’s a handy, short term solution until you can return your items to their hangers.

When I finished Kathleen’s closet reorg she said, My closet makeover not only cleared my physical space, it also cleared space in my head…it’s amazing!”

By organizing her closet, Kathleen saves time every day. Whether she is heading out the door to walk her dog or packing for a business trip to Japan, she knows what she has without spending hours trying to figure out where it is!

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