Office Space Reorg

Create a more organized and functional office space, had been on my client’s to-do list for months and like most entrepreneurs, her list is never ending.

We are all guilty at times of pushing an organizing task to the bottom of the list. It just seems too overwhelming when other pressing things arise.  But actually, if we do make the time, our lives can be transformed…or at the very least, a lot easier! J

My client owns a fitness studio that has been expanding ever since she opened four years ago.  The small office space worked fine in the beginning, but as they grew, the office wasn’t modified to grow with them.  It needed to be functional for the staff and presentable to meet with clients.

Fitness  Studio Reorg before by Nancy Korbet


Created a floor plan with 3 mini zones

  • Staff Zone – personal storage bins, equipment and fitness tools used by staff, backpack rack
  • Product Zone – products for sale, new client bags, storage for logo t-shirts and water bottles
  • Office Zone – file cabinet, printer, desk and office supplies.
    Fitness Studio Reorg after by Nancy Korbet


    Fitness Studio Reorg  Staff Zone by Nancy Korbet




Fintess Studio Backpack Organization by Nancy KorbetThe backpack storage idea was the most fun to come up with! I used the Rubbermaid Fast Track Garage Organization System.

Purchased two 84’’ hang rails and six cooler hooks from Home Depot . The system has several elements and could easily work for organizing all sorts of things in your home-office, kids bedroom, kitchen, or mudroom. Get creative and let me know what you come up with!


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