Living Space

Do you have certain rooms in your house that you wish were more welcoming, organized better, and more reflective of your personal style?

When you love the look and feel of your living space you honor who you are and the people you care about.  You don’t have to knock down walls and rip out floors to make it happen!

Making even the smallest change to a room can add beauty and meaning, creating an instant transformation.

Here’s how I can help you love where you live:

Organize it.

Whether your have a closet, cabinet, bookcase, entire room or garage, I will create organizing solutions that work for you and family.

I take the time to find out what your challenges are in keeping things organized, and then organize your space in such a way that you are able to be successful in keeping it that way.

Use What You Have Makeover

You just might have everything you need to give your rooms a completely new look and feel. I will arrange your existing furniture and accessories in new ways that maximize your space, feel comfortable and look beautiful to you.

Entire Room Makeover

Ready to turn that extra bedroom into a home office? Is it time to re-purpose your child’s room (the one who moved out a year ago)?  Are you craving a brand new look for your living room?

With your vision and wish list in hand I will create an action plan. I will work with you step-by-step to completely update any room in your home with improved function and décor without the need for hardcore renovation.

Ready to transform your space?  To get started, email me a brief description of your room and the type of service you are interested in.

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