An Organized Garage Means Space for Your Car!

Is your garage organized? If your answer is no and if it is so crammed with ”stuff” that you can’t fit your car in there, you are not alone.  About 60% of the people I know (friends, family, clients, neighbors)do not park their car in their garage due to that same reason.

Think about what it would be like if you could park your car in the garage. Winter weather is upon us, so why not make your mornings a little more pleasant and get into a dry, frost free car. If you have kids, how great would it be to load them in and out of the car without getting drenched or frozen while trying to get them buckled into their car seats!

My client is a city girl and having a garage in San Francisco is like winning the lottery! So when hers became so over run with stuff, she decided to hire me to clean up, clear out and make room for her car. She was tired of doing the 100+ yard dash from car to house in the cold rain, not to mention, she just wanted to get organized so that the things she actually needed were easily identifiable and accessible.




 3 Must Have Items Before You Start 

  1. Clear Plastic Bins so you can see what’s in the bin.

  2.  Label Maker  to clearly label your bins.

  3. If you need more shelving, purchase Shelving Units to fit your needs and space.

My client is constantly taking things to and from her businesses and one of her major frustrations was forgetting to put items in her car that she needed to take with her.  We purchased a small shelving unit and placed it at the bottom of the stairs next to her car making it easy to load and unload and nothing left behind!

Whether you hire a professional like me or you do it yourself, I promise you it will be worth all the effort to just get it done before Thanksgiving. The holidays can be stressful enough and no one wants to blow a gasket over trying to find the twinkle lights or those extra chairs for Thanksgiving dinner!  Not to mention it won’t have to be on the New Years ”To Do” list….again!


  1 comment for “An Organized Garage Means Space for Your Car!

  1. Terri Green
    November 9, 2017 at 5:59 pm

    Thanks Nancy, reminding me what my garage looks like


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