Area Rugs – Size Matters

They say size doesn’t matter, but when it comes to rugs, it actually does! It can make or break the look of a room by making it feel smaller or larger.  I just received an update text and photo from Chris who’s living room was featured in my Help! Living Room Challenge post.

I got a bigger rug, I first thought it would go under the kitchen table, but was too big, so I switched them. I like it. It makes the room seem bigger. Crazy.”

Large Area Rug

Small Area Rug

It’s not Crazy that a larger rug would make the room look larger. One of the main reasons we use area rugs is to pull a room together, it’s the foundation of the room.

Here are 3 general rug guidelines. 

  1. All furniture on the rug
  2. Only the front legs of the furniture on the rug.
  3. All furniture off the rug (done when using a smaller rug)

Tip: Use painters tape and tape off the floor to the size of rug you are thinking about and you will see how your furniture will work on or around it. It’s easier to do that then it is to wag home a large rug and then have to return it.

Layering as a solution: Chris could have  have layered her small rug over a larger  neutral rug like this, which would have given her room a larger feel as well.

Small Floral Rug Layered Over Larger Sisal Rug




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